This page is dedicated to thanking those wonderful people who are supporting my work on

I am proud of the work I do, and so am looking for the freedom to invest more of my energy and time into the causes I care about, without having to choose between activism and an income – and these people are helping to make it a reality!

So a big thank you to:

  • Sam Short, whose photography work you can check out here.
  • Marco De Bortoli
  • Michael Games
  • Barney Miles
  • Jayme Crompton
  • Phil Vabulas
  • Paul Stretch
  • Sarah Crofts
  • Katy Turner
  • Jerilyn Franz
  • Andi Grant
  • Slay The Patriarchy
  • James Freeman
  • Lily Morris
  • Matthew Villani
  • Emma Louise Hickling