Weekly (cough) Personal Update

(I realise it hasn’t been weekly lately, but I’ve been paddling furiously to stay afloat with so much on at uni, campaigning, and personal issues – bear with me!) 


23rd February: Different For Girls Launch. Since being offered a trial position as a columnist for DIVA Magazine I’ve had the chance to attend a couple of cool events, one of which was the launch of a new lesbian web drama series called ‘Different for Girls‘.

I’m not really used to attending these sorts of things (grassroots activism doesn’t really involve many high-end events with free wine and photo ops!) so even being invited (by the awesome Linda Riley) was incredible, let alone attending the night (despite being visibly out of my comfort zone!). Check out the web series and let me know what you think – a lot of hard work by incredible creatives went into it, including Jacquie Lawrence (author), Campbell X (Director), and Fizz Milton (Producer).

11th March: WOW Speed Mentoring. I’d never done official mentoring until this event, and so volunteering to share my experiences with attendees of the Women of the World Festival was absolutely nail-biting – but thankfully incredibly rewarding.

My time was spent with 4 mentees, and each one came to me with a different background, different experiences, and in need of different advice. Obviously I won’t share these discussions here, but suffice to say I definitely will be taking part in speed mentoring again in the future – they were SO lovely, and I learnt an awful lot from them, as well as (hopefully) being able to help them too.


11th March: WOW Mental Health and Self Care Panel. Did you know that a fifth of women are reported to suffer from a mental health issue such as anxiety and depression, compared to one in eight men, with young women currently the highest risk group for mental health problems?

These stats, along with talk about self harm, available support, societal pressure, and self care, made up much of what was discussed on the fabulous WOW Women, Mental Health and the Art of Feeling Better panel which I sat on last month. Alongside me were the amazing Adwoa Aboah, Mandy Stevens, Poppy Jaman, and Dr Frances Ryan. It was such an honour to speak alongside these women, and we managed to fill the venue to bursting!


April & May: DIVA Magazine Articles 1 & 2. I won’t go on about this (yes I will) but if you happen to get the chance to pick up copies of the April & May DIVA Magazines, then look out for my first two articles! One on nin-binary visibility in a binary world, and the second on the politicisation of women’s bodies.

21st March: LSE GSD Committee Handover. I’m finding it hard to believe that my year at LSE is drawing to a close. I’m done with the taught part of my master’s, and from herein all I have to look forward (!) to is essays, exams, and a dissertation. Particularly poignant for me was recently handing over the committee batons within the LSE Gender and Sexual Diversity Alliance. I’ve had the chance to work with some breathtakingly humbling people who have taught me more than I could have ever asked (here’s to you, 2016/17 committee), and am going to miss it dearly.

I’ve loved being part of the committee, and know that next year’s team will go on to do amazing things. Go get ’em, gang!

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 21.12.27

23rd March: DIVA 250 Awards. Another chance to attend a swanky London event, this time thanks to an invite from the inspiring Vicky Beeching. You can read about the event (and its winners) here.

31st March: International Transgender Day of Visibility. My first TDOV as an out non-binary person! The International TDoV is an annual holiday celebrated around the world. The day is dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments and victories of transgender & gender non-conforming people while raising awareness of the work that is still needed to save trans lives. The holiday was founded in 2009 as a reaction to the lack of LGBT holidays celebrating transgender people’s successes.

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 21.16.27


3rd April: Hate Crime Documentary – This Monday I will be talking to a team who are making a BBC documentary about homophobic hate crime in the UK.

4th April: Radio DIVA Interview – Totally not terrified about this (!). On Tuesday you can catch me chatting to the lovely people at Radio DIVA.

TBC: Recharge & Resist First Meeting – If you’re not yet following my latest campaigning project, Recharge and Resist, now’s the time to start! This month I’ll be organising the first get together for those interested in being involved with the festival from the ground level.

Ongoing: Job-hunting. Not exactly my favourite pass time, but as I’ll be graduating in August I am now hunting for  paid full-time work.Please send me thoughts of positivity and persistence!

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