DIVA Magazine Columnist Trial

Well, I’m excited.

I’ve been offered a 3-month trial as a DIVA Magazine columnist, which is my first ever journo job. I’ve been asked to write one article a month for a small fee, and my first article is entitled ‘Beyond the Trans Tipping Point‘, which focuses on the growing coverage of non-binary identities. Here’s a little sneak peak:

The tactful coverage and depiction of non-binary identities in media is crucial step, ensuring we aren’t erased from the ‘trans tipping point’; which, of course, isn’t the fact of binary trans people, but a reflection of the larger societal system that requires us to fit neatly into boxes of ‘man’ or woman’ in order to be worthy of understanding  and recognition. We need to work together to push past the ‘trans tipping point’ and brutal gender policing, and move towards a world in which advancements in rights for trans men and trans women doesn’t automatically mean ignoring those of us who are not as easily categorised.

My first article will be in the April edition of DIVA, and I’d be really interested to know what you all think of it!

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