Weekly Personal Update


Wednesday 8th February: Sat on the LSE Student Wellbeing Steering Group. Thanks to an invitation from the Community and Welfare Officer at LSE SU (Riham Mansour, who is fantastic), I attended a school-wide steering group with representatives from departments and faculties around LSE. The intention of the steering group is to look at how we can improve student wellbeing and mental health.

Saturday 11th February: Led a Campaign Strategy workshop at the Bristol/Bath Student Activist Weekender. Really great to work with such budding, enthusiastic young activists. I presented on campaign strategy, and then got my class thinking about tactics for a ‘mini campaign’ I’d set them. Well done to the Activist Weekender organisers!


Monday 13th February: Organised a Galentine’s Day event. Okay, this one might not seem as important, but actually I think the act of getting together in a supportive environment with your gal/enbie pals is a form of resistance. Working alongside the majestic sea unicorn that is Kylie Courtney (ilu), we made Galentine’s Day goodie bags (which had homemade lip scrub, handmade badges, craft stuff, etc in them), and we all met for a lovely dinner out. Much wine was consumed, and the world was moaned about.


Argument with Piers Morgan. Well, I think this one speaks for itself. 

Tuesday 14th of February: Calling on the Women’s Equality Party to practice what they preach (and they did!). After receiving the below email offering places to a £90 workshop, I wrote to WEP to voice my concerns about accessibility of their events – after all, it strikes me that those who can afford £90 for a wellness session are likely to be less in need of it than those to whom that is two week’s JSA. I was joined (thankfully) by my amazing friend Yasmin Bergum, who spent a lot of emotional labour explaining to WEP members why this was a problem.

To their credit, WEP responded quickly and positively o the criticism, and are now offering sponsored places on the course for those who are not able to afford that kind of money!

Ongoing: Reading some brilliant new books sent to my by Penguin Publishers: 
There’s very few things I love more in life than books. This week I was sent some free (scream) ones by Penguin, who thought I’d be interested in the topics they cover. They were right. I’m going to be writing a review for each one, so keep an eye out.



Tuesday 21st February: Style Council Technologies Women’s Week: Bit of an unusual one for me, but I’ve been asked by a lovely bunch of all-female creatives at Style Counsel Technologies in Shoreditch London whether I’ll pop along to be interviewed. They’re curating content for the week of International Women’s day in March, celebrating successful women doing it all, and apparently I’m interesting enough to fit that bill!

Wednesday 22nd February: Wellness Wednesdays PhD Students:  I’m going to be spending an hour with the PhD students at LSE, talking about self-care and wellness whilst studying. 

11th March: WOW Mental Health and Self Care Panel: I am over the moon to have been asked to take part in my favourite UK women’s festival, Women of the World! You can learn more about it here.

WOW Speed Mentoring: As well as sitting on a panel, I will be a speed mentor at the #WOW2017. So, if you’ve ever wanted to chat to me in person to get some advice, come along.

13th – 17th March: Self Care Aware Week: I’ve been working with Anna at the SU (Campaigns Network) on the second Self Care Aware week. Unlike last time, there’s more of an emphasis on specific, individualised inclusive and intersectional events, so that different aspects of self care can be explored in supportive, empowering spaces, including a women of colour space, a men’s mental health event, talks for LGBT+ students, disabled students, international students, low socioeconomic background students, etc. There’s also going to be a games night! Thank you SO much to all the volunteers making this a reality.


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