Weekly Personal Update


Saturday 28th January: Attended Campaign Bootcamp’s Communities of Resistance: Then, Now, Tomorrow. We heard from Sisters Uncut, Black Lives Matter UK, UK Tar Sands Network, Sacred Stone Camp UK Solidarity Network and Kirsty McNeill, and worked on (amongst other things) campaign strategy, movement building, and self-care. 

Mapping our campaigner journeys 

Sunday 29th January: Launched #RechargeAndResist Project. Very excited about this. Recharge and Resist aims to organise socials, self-care training, & support for activists. I’m hoping (fingers crossed) to hold a Recharge and Resist Festival in London in 2018 (so if any sponsors out there want to get involved, please do let me know!), at which there will be workshops, self-care activities, music, good food, networking, and general community solidarity. If it goes well, I’d love to work on exporting the festival to other cities.

There are so many good people working to better the world out there, and they need taking care of as well.


Monday 30th January: Campaign meeting for a campaign I’m not yet allowed to talk about, but which I’m very excited for. Sorry, I hate to be so vague but there’ll be more on this soon.

Secret planning…

Monday 30th January: Set up and launched my very own Patreon! I fully and intrinsically believe in creating a movement that is accessible to everyone, no matter their intersections and personal circumstances. That is why, no matter what happens with this, I will continue to freely organise, publicise, and write about the causes I care for. However, if you decide to become a patreon, you’ll get access to my project diary, a personal roundup newsletter, group get togethers (both online and in person), campaign planning, and supporter entry to Recharge and Resist Festival when it’s held.

You’ll also become part of a community that is helping others to help.

If you want to be onboard, but can only afford a couple of pounds a month, that’s great and huge and wonderful. Thank you. If you can and are willing to contribute more, then that would be fantastic. The more I’m directly funded by supporters, the more I can directly support others.


Tuesday 31st January: Assisted LSESU Islamic Society and LSESU Intersectional Feminist Society draft and promote an Emergency General Motion about Trump’s #MuslimBan, calling on LSESU to publicly condemn the ban, commit time and resources to fighting Islamophobia, and to lobby the LSE School to do the same. We needed 250 signatures to get the EGM started, and we managed to collect more than that in just the first two hours!

Tuesday 31st January: Attended LSE Pride Alliance Polyamory Roundtable Event.  Facilitated by two of our committee members (the lovely Ele and Chessie), this event had a great turnout, and some incredibly insightful discussions.

Wednesday 1st February: Attended the Labour Party’s LGBT+ History Month Reception at the House Of Commons. Thanks to an invitation from the wonderful Jane Fae, I was invited to a rather swanky reception. The event was packed to the rafters with wonderful campaigners, activists, and LGBT+ politicians, who had all gathered to hear the Labour Party talk about their commitment to LGBTQ+ rights, and to network and chat.

I met some extraordinary new people, as well as seeing some equally marvellous familiar faces. All in all, a great evening.

Friday 3rd January: Gave an interview to The Huffington Post about #RechargeAndResist. You can read it here (click me!).



  • Agreed to run a 2-hour Campaign Strategy workshop at the Bristol/Bath Student Activist Weekender. This is happening Saturday 11th Feb.
  • Have been asked to run a session at the University of Bath’s ‘Women In Leadership Conference’ (4th March). Need to check and confirm availability.
  • Discussing the issue of self-care with an organiser from Women of the World Festival (TBC)

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