Weekly Personal Update

I’ve decided to start doing a weekly blog about what I’m up to – more for my own records than anything else (though hopefully some people other than my Mum will find it interesting). This one will be a little longer than usual, as I’ve got some catching up to do!


Sunday 8th January: Selected for the Green Party 30 Under 30 scheme (yay!). 30 under 30 is a development scheme offering young people in the Green Party one year of expert training and mentoring, increasing engagement and knowledge of the Party and the wider political world.

Monday 16th January: Appeared on an ESRC Panel Discussion at Birkbeck University, where 5 of us were discussing Feminist Activism. The point of the session was to explore how activists negotiate the formal political process, how we work with parties, politicians and govt and what problems or challenges arise from that. I appeared alongside 4 other panelists from #SistersOfFrida, #WomensAid,#YoungWomensTrust, and the #WomensBudgetGroup


Wednesday 18th January: Invited to a dinner party consisting of some incredible feminists, most of who work/campaign in areas around sexual violence and abuse. It was a real honour to meet women who have dedicated their lives to improving the wellbeing and rights of some of the most vulnerable in our society. Also nice to actually sit down and eat some good food for once.

Thursday 19th January: LSE SU GSD (Gender and Sexual Diversity) Committee Meeting. I’m the Accessibility Demographic Officer  (referring to socio-economic disadvantage, mental and physical disabilities, as well as the self-identifying women). In this meeting I discussed the running of another #SelfCareAware campaign in week 10, plus an idea for a ‘what is womanhood’ event.


Friday 20th January: Facilitated a Roundtable Discussion about TERFs (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists) at LSE SU Intersection Feminist Society ‘Queering Feminism’ Event. This evening (which was organised by an amazing friend of mine, Bex) provided workshops and discussion around the issues facing queer people and groups within feminism, and how to go about making feminism more inclusive.

Friday 20th January: Attended LSE SU GSD (Gender and Sexual Diversity) Banner Making Session. In preparation for the #WomensMarchLondon, a number of us spent a couple of hours getting completely covered in paint.

Saturday 21st January: Marched on London in the #WomensMarch, alongside 100,000 other people. The idea was for people who support women’s rights to come together and, says the original Facebook page: “send a bold message to [the] new administration on their first day in office, and to the world that women’s rights are human rights.” I have thoughts about the POC, trans & disabled inclusivity of this march, but that’s a blog post for another day.



  • Taking part in a Campaign Bootcamp ‘Communities of Resistance’ training weekend tomorrow (28th & 29th January).
  • Attending  a ‘Polyamory Roundtable’ session hosted by LSE SU GSD Alliance (31st January)
  • Agreed to run a 2-hour Campaign Strategy workshop at the Bristol/Bath Student Activist Weekender. This is happening Saturday 11th Feb.
  • Have been asked to run a session at the University of Bath’s ‘Women In Leadership Conference’ (4th March). Need to check and confirm availability.

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