Queer Expression: LSE SU Pride Week

LSE SU LGBT+ Pride Week is an annual, week-long event dedicated to celebrating the diversity of the LGBT+ community, and educating the LSE student body about our lived experiences. These include issues such as homophobia, transphobia, and sexual prejudice.

Last night we kicked off the 2016 event with a night of queer expression; poems, songs, and spoken word which reflected our personal and broader experiences of having LGBT+ as part of our identities.

Our identites are important.

The right to talk freely about these aspects of our lives are hard won – and remain an ongoing global battle, even in the most progressive of societies. They shape our world, and allow us to find a sense of self sexually, romantically, socially, politically, and legally.

This struggle shone through in all its painful beauty last night, with performers sharing incredibly raw and honest tales of coming out, falling in love, sexual encounters, alienation from loved ones, and hope for the future. It was a genuine honour to share in the intimacy of the room, and the feelings will stay with me, I think, for the rest of my life.

Pride Week continues, with tonight’s event focusing on non-binary identities; something very close to my heart.

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